The first case of avian flu has been reported in Steele County. The USDA is working with local organizations to contain the outbreak.

Steele County Administrator Laura Elvebak spoke with KRFO news about the Steele County discovery of the H5N2 virus (Avian Influenza).

The flock with the outbreak has been quarantined and commercial flocks in the area will be under surveillance, according to a news release from the county. Elvebak told KRFO, "The county is working with state and federal agencies, namely the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and the USDA in working in responding to the situation. Steele County is in a support role." She added that, "it can spread very quickly and very easily. We also will be monitoring and looking at the smaller farms that may not be at a commercial level, to assure that those farms are taking proper precautions."



Officials report that the avian, or bird flu, infects domestic poultry such as turkeys and chickens. In the news release, the Minnesota Department of Health states "that no human infections with this strain of the virus have been detected in Minnesota or elsewhere in the U.S."


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