The bear hunting harvest was expected to be high this year.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  He says he is hearing that the hunting has been "phenomenal" for bears so far.  Bear hunting starting September 1st and will continue through October 18th in Minnesota.  Baiting for bears began on August 14th.  Schmitt says he's hearing from multiple hunters that multiple bears are coming to the bait.

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Schmitt says the dry conditions and lack of natural forest foods led to ideal conditions for bear hunting.  Bears have been forced to find food elsewhere which has led many out of their normal habitat which explains why more bears have been spotted in Central Minnesota.  Schmitt believes this bear season will be one of the best bears seasons in the state.

We have reached fall fishing in Minnesota.  Glen says fishing has been great.  He says he's been using a jig and minnows recently to success.  He says we're at that time of year where fish aren't really biting heavily but you can get a reactionary bite.  Schmitt says if you anger the fish enough they'll eventually hit the plastics that you are using.  He also likes minnows this time of year.

Teal hunting season in Minnesota concluded September 8th after starting September 4th.  Glen says the teal hunting appeared to be better than the goose hunting to this point.  Goose hunting in Minnesota started September 4th and will continue through September 19th.

Listen to my full conversation with conversation with Glen Schmitt below.



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