Bring a decorated oar, some diapers, and a couple of bucks to park and join the Gopher football family day on Saturday, August 6 at 2:15 pm at Huntington Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The University of Minnesota is hosting an open practice along with activities in the West Plaza.

The Gophers will accept diaper donations for the Diaper Bank of Minnesota. "One in three Minnesota families struggle to afford enough diapers for their babies. Diapers cost about $1,000 a year for the first three years of a child's life," according to the news release from the University of Minnesota.

Fans can bring a decorated oar. "These customized oars will be added to the inside of Huntington Bank Stadium as they adorn the tunnel that connects the Gopher locker room to the field. These inspirational oars are the final images the Gophers see before taking the field and serve as a way to connect the community and state with Gopher football."

Fan Zone activities on the West Plaza will include yard games, inflatable, photo opportunities, and other events.

There is no cost to attend the family day, though fans might have to pay for parking. Enter through Gate E near the southwest corner of the stadium and near the team shop.

Gopher football 2022 schedule:

  • Thursday, Sept 1 home vs New Mexico State
  • Saturday, Sept 10 home vs Western Illinois
  • Saturday, Sept 17 home vs Colorado
  • Saturday, Sept 24 at Michigan State
  • Saturday, Oct 1 home vs Purdue (Homecoming)
  • Saturday, Oct 15 at Illinois
  • Saturday, Oct 22 at Penn State
  • Saturday, Oct 29 home vs Rutgers
  • Saturday, Nov 5 at Nebraska
  • Saturday, Nov 12 home vs Northwestern
  • Saturday, Nov 19 home vs Iowa
  • Saturday, Nov 26 at Wisconsin

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