I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby Falcons that we are all watching on the DNR FalconCam. They say that the eggs should hatch around May it could be any moment!

I've been checking in daily on the Minnesota DNR FalconCam to see if the eggs have hatched yet. The good news is, we still have four eggs and the nest has no chance of falling out of a tree. The parents-to-be are watching their eggs eagerly, and seem to be ready for the hatching.

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Acadia, the mother of these four eggs, was banded back in 2013 and has been on the property since 2016. It's my understanding that her eggs are at the Sentinel Properties Building, Formerly Bremer Bank. The eggs are ready to hatch any day now.

There are FOUR eggs in the nest, and Acadia's mate is a 3-year-old Falcon that was banded as a hatchling from the Mayo Building at the University of Minnesota Campus in Hennepin County in 2020.


Watching the bird cams in our state really gives you a true picture of the struggle that our wildlife goes through on a daily basis. Some of it is hard to watch. I hope that these eggs hatch and that we have a successful season for Acadia, but as we learned by watching the devastating fall of the nest on the EagleCam a couple of weeks ago, there are just no guarantees out there. You can watch the FalconCam LIVE by clicking HERE, and go back up to four hours to see what's been happening each day.


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