Well, this is interesting.

An autopsy tech has gone viral after he discussed what piercings are removed from the body during an actual autopsy.

Apparently, some are concerned about their piercings upon death, thus that is why he is addressing it here.

He says in the video below that the only piercing removed during an autopsy is the piercing in the tongue.

We should note here too that he says in the video below that during an autopsy, they remove the ENTIRE tongue for further investigation.

If you have piercings elsewhere on your boy, they remain and are not removed, according to this tech.

Here's the video of this man addressing piercings after you die.


@big_led73 Reply to @teenie1228 you get to keep all your piercings except the tongue 👅 I take your tongue out #piercing #piercings #bodyjewelry #autopsy #autopsytech ♬ Something Stupid - Percy Faith & His Orchestra

In another video, the same technician addressed whether or not gum stays in your stomach after you swallow it. After all, our parents often said to not swallow the gum because it will just stay there.

@big_led73 #answer to @Armybratt I don’t see old gum only new gum #autopsy #autopsytech #morgue #morguetech #autopsyguy #morguetok #autopsytok #livelucky #beincredible ♬ Bubblegum K.K. - DIMSVM

The tech would also then address if he's ever performed an autopsy on anyone that died in an embarrassing way. The answer is, yes.

@big_led73 #answer to @Tamara Morrison790 sometimes you die doing embarrassing 🙈 things #embarrasing #howdidyou #autopsy #autopsytech ♬ Whips And Chains - Clyde Brown

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