Minneapolis based Target says that it's ok to drop the mask at their stores.  This mandate has been on for almost the entire pandemic.  Target was one of the first stores that mandated mask wearing within their stores.  This was before the state was mandated.  When the CDC said that it was safe to not wear your mask in non crowded indoor and outdoor situations as long as you have been vaccinated, Target held their mandate until today.

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Even though they have said that they will no require masks to be worn in their stores anymore, this doesn't mean that it's the case at ALL of their stores. There are still some situations where customers will still be required to wear a mask.  This will include situations where the city still has a mandate.  Minneapolis/St. Paul still has a city wide mandate.  And most of the suburbs still require masks in their stores.

This life of the mask mandate is for vaccinated individuals, but no one is going to be asking you if you have been vaccinated or not.  This is personal responsibility.  I'm guessing that if the city doesn't have a mandate, that most people will not wear one in the store with or without a vaccine.  So, if you are concerned at all, just keep your distance from other shoppers and you should be fine.

This is something that we have all been looking forward to, the end of the pandemic and the end of any mitigation.  We are on the road to getting to that situation... hopefully sooner than later.

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