You may have been extremely excited when you learned that you had new neighbors moving into your neighborhood. The day the moving trucks arrived, you were at your mailbox, and sent a welcoming wave to your new neighbors on the first day of their arrival. You may have even introduced yourself and your family, and invited them to a neighborhood picnic.

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As your neighbors get comfortable in their new surroundings, you realize that the mattresses that they brought in a month ago, are piled up in the backyard. You notice that your neighbor has brought in more mattresses on a trailer that never seem to be unloaded.  Another week goes by and they drive up with another trailer load of seemingly odds and ends, and a broken-down motor home. It happens to find its final resting place right next to your driveway and is surrounded by odds and ends, like old bicycle parts, old couches, and chairs. The collection of items that your new neighbors seem to be bringing in, never get put away, and the pile just keeps growing.

Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash


Is this something you should be concerned about? The answer is YES. You should be concerned. Not only for the pile of garbage that is collecting in your backyard but also for the people who are collecting it. Hoarding is a disorder, and can quickly become a problem not only for the family that is dealing with a hoarder but for the friends, family, and neighbors that have to live with the public health and safety issues they can cause in your community.

The questions you may be asking yourself:

  • What can I do about this mess?
  • Who do I call for help?
  • Can something be done about it, or do I have to live this way forever?
  • Do I call the police, or is there a specific agency that deals with hoarding?
  • I don't want my neighbors upset with me, but I'm concerned for my family?
  • How bad does it have to get, before something can be done?


All of these thoughts and questions that are running through your mind are valid. You should be concerned about your family, your pets, your neighborhood, and even the new neighbors that seem like someone in their home may be having some hoarding issues.

The Minnesota Hoarding Task Force may have the answers you are looking for. You can find their website by clicking HERE to learn more information about who to call, and what you can do if you think you have a dangerous hoarding situation developing in your neighborhood.


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