The brainiacs at WalletHub have poured over the data and crunched the numbers to determine the best states for having a baby. Good news for the mothers-to-be in Minnesota.

Having a baby is a joyous occasion, but also comes with fear, stress, and a mountain of unknowns -- and that's in a good year. This is 2020, so you can pile on an extra heaping of all of that.

And don't forget about the expenses. They don't give babies away for nothing. (We'll they don't give away the medical care.)

They WalletHub team looked at 32 key factors including cost and health care accessibility, baby-and-family-friendliness, OBGYN availability, prenatal care access, birth rates, and more.

Source: WalletHub

The Ten Best States to Have a Baby

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Minnesota
  3. Vermont
  4. North Dakota
  5. Rhode Island
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Maine
  8. Washington
  9. Connecticut
  10. Oregon

As always, when we talk about the best places to have a baby, we also need to talk about the bottom of that list too:

  • #46 - Georgia
  • #47 - Louisiana
  • #48 - Mississippi
  • #49 - South Carolina
  • #50 - Alabama

When it comes to the cost of giving birth, WalletHub adds:

Birthing costs won’t hit your wallet as badly in some states as they will in others. Expenses can vary significantly, considering the wide disparities in cost of living. They can also differ from one pregnancy to another, given that some women experience delivery complications.


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