With the Olmsted County Fair being cancelled (read that story here), could Rochester be seeing drive-in movies and concerts at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds this summer? Yes.

Brandon Helgeson, for the Olmsted County Fair Board, broke the big news Wednesday morning on the Rochester Today program  on KROC-AM 1340 and 96.9 FM.

We've found that under Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, there are specific guidelines for vehicle gatherings. So in other words, a drive in movie theater or a drive in concert.

Helgeson went on to say a plan has been made up and is in front of the right people right now.

The plan actually went in front of some people yesterday and then I think some of the final steps will be next week. So, we're hoping by at the very latest mid-June we can at least make an announcement.

As soon as we hear more, we'll make sure you hear about it. Such a great opportunity, and if there can't be a county fair, at least we could all have some family fun at the fairgrounds. Fun the old fashioned way.

Credit: James Rabe
Credit: James Rabe

How would it work and with the county fair cancelled, what about the 4-H and FFA members? Click HERE to hear the show (click or tap "Rochester Today tab). It's also available on Apple devices as a podcast. Just search Rochester Today (or click here for step by step directions). .

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