Concerts are returning to Rochester, Minnesota wards this summer! That's six free Wednesday evening concerts, one in each ward in the city. And each will be hosted by the Rochester City Councilmember from that ward.

What Are the forWARD Neighbood Concerts in 2022?

See the 6 forWARD Concerts in Rochester This Summer

There are six wards in Rochester, Minnesota, which means there will be six free concerts during the summer, one in a park within each ward.
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Just like last year, local bands will open for "regional/national/or international headliners (while) Promoting neighborhood vitality and livability while emphasizing activities outside the downtown area." All events start at 5:30 PM and are over at 8 PM.

The goal is two-fold. Get more going on in the Rochester City Parks (the word they like to use is 'activate'). If people see them and use them for the concerts, they're more likely to come back and use them again. That's what they're there for, let's use 'em up!


Also, it helps raise awareness of Rochester's ward system, a council member being elected from each ward to represent the people in that area.


Plus a bunch of new events coming to Downtown Rochester

No dates announced for most of these, but they are a comin'.

12 New Events Coming to Downtown Rochester, Minnesota


I love this program..people are encouraged to dream up events for Downtown Rochester, and this year they had so many applicants. Here's what the RDA said,

From an impressive number of applicants, 12 recipients will receive funding from the Rochester Downtown Alliance’s Start-Up Event Grant to host programs in downtown Rochester.

Receiving Start-Up Event Grant funds are the following organizations and individuals:

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