With social distancing in effect and many stores switching to an online only formant, that isn't stopping people from shopping!

According to the latest survey from WalletHub, 58 million Americans are spending more money than they normally would. The reason behind this is "comfort buying", shopping to relieve stress or just buying something out of boredom! We have all done the buying something out of boredom thing at least once in our lives!

Some key stats from this survey are:

  • Some Americans are shopping more during the pandemic: 58 million Americans are spending more money while social distancing.
  • Many people use shopping to ease stress: 43 percent of Americans have participated in "comfort buying" due to social isolation.
  • Deliveries cause anxiety: 57 percent of Americans are concerned about package safety while comfort buying.
  • People use entertainment and drinking to take the edge off: Americans are spending the most "non-essential" money on entertainment (29 percent) and alcohol (23 percent) right now.

To see a full break down of what people are buying, check out this graphic below from WalletHub!

Source: WalletHub
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