Now we know what 'Project Belle' is all about!  For months, people driving by a 73-acre spot in the Twin Cities have speculated what was being built there. The Woodbury city council even kept the secret - approving the 'Project Belle' project back in August, but not disclosing what the site would be used for.  Now we know.

Amazon - the world's largest online retailer - is building a Distribution Center on the site, located at the corner of Hudson Road and Manning Avenue,  with work set to be finished by late next summer.  According to details released in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the facility "is expected to generate 500 jobs" - with up to 1,000 expected to be working there during the peak holiday season with flex and seasonal hires.

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At 517,000-square feet, Amazon's Distribution Center in Woodbury will be smaller than some other similar facilities around the country.  Those larger plants - referred to as "Fulfilment Centers" are the kind Amazon already has operating in Shakopee and Lakeville.

Once the Distribution Center is up and operational, it's anticipated that it will provide a lot of traffic for the city - financially, economically, and with actual vehicles.  Amazon officials estimate the daily truck traffic to be around 140 per day.

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Now that the news about who is building and opening at the site, don't expect any additional details from the company - at least for the time being.  An Amazon spokesperson contacted by the media offered that "the company would not comment on the Woodbury project".  Ryan Companies - the developer for the site - also refused to comment.

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