Here's a headline you would only see in 2020: do not hang your mask from your rearview mirror.

AAA and other local agencies across the country are issuing this warning amid the pandemic, telling motorists to place their facial coverings somewhere else.

You may think this is harmless or random but it's not. If you think about it, having something hanging from your rearview mirror can be distracting. It also may block your point of view while navigating roads. An obstructed view may lead to a small collision or even a car crash.

According to news outlets who covered this story, the average driver comes across hundreds of distractions every time they get behind the wheel. Even the littlest distraction can cause you to miss something that could end up doing major harm, like spotting a biker or a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Wearing a mask and carrying around a mask has become an everyday part of life since the pandemic started to pick up steam earlier this year. I am not surprised that people are starting to hang theirs on their rearview mirror. It would be a convenient spot so you could grab it whenever you had to go in somewhere but there are also other convenient spots in your car you could put it, like the glove console.

By the way, in Minnesota, you aren't allowed to have an object hanging between you and the windshield. A face mask would certainly fit that description. To the passenger side seat your face mask goes!

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