Failure it's defined by as an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success. So imagine my surprise that there is an entire museum devoted to massive failures and that it's coming to Minnesota later this fall. The Museum of Failure will be at the Mall of America, and you can check out some of the biggest 'failures' known to man.

The museum website indicates that the museum will open up inside the Mall of America in November, and will take a surprising 90 minutes to walk through. That's a LOT of things to look at.

Some of the failures that will be on exhibit include:

  • Coke II
  • Fat-Free Pringles
  • Nokia's N-Gage 'cell phone'
  • A face phone

The whole point of the museum of failure according to the curator Dr. Samuel West is that people learn from their failures. It's a part of being a human being, and natural to fail.

Think back to some of the biggest and most memorable failures that you can remember. Google Glass is one, there was New Coke, Coca-Cola Blak, 1957 Ford Edsel, frozen lasagna made by toothpaste maker Colgate, the list goes on, and we remember them for one reason or another.

The good news for Minnesota sports fans, it doesn't appear the Vikings made the museum.

It's not clear how long the traveling museum will be at the MOA, tickets are available online, and get into the appointment-based museum. You can find that information here. 

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