Maybe we should get used to seeing the Pitzenberger-Zak family in print. The Owatonna family that captured the winter spirit in a recent Target ad, are now on the cover of MPLS/St. Paul Magazine. 

Anisha Pitzenberger Zak's family was picked to make the cover and to participate in the first socially distanced photoshoot for her family. The article they are featured on is a take on 'going on a [teddy] bear hunt'.

The featured article according to Anisha is about "how families can still get out and explore the Twin Cities during this time. It was SO fun to be a part of, and much different than our normal Target shoots.

Anisha and her family were more than just participants in the photoshoot, as the family had to do a lot of things on their own. Anisha told us that she "was responsible for being the stylist, make-up and hair, and child wrangling since their team wasn't allowed to touch us."

Anisha sent us some more photos of the family from the photoshoot, and they are super cute. You'll just have to pick up the latest issue of the magazine to see for yourself.

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I guess you could say that Anisha and her family showed the Twin Cities how to save summer Owatonna style.

The Pitzenberger-Zak family is featured in the June edition of the popular Twin Cities magazine.

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