Every pet owner has been guilty of giving their pets left over table scraps but did you know that there is a big list of items that are harmful to your pooch?

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According to the folks over at Rover, 91% of people have looked up what types of human food are not safe to give their four-legged friend(s). On the other end of the spectrum, 60% of people have said they have given their dogs human food that they later found out to be harmful or toxic to their pet. Grapes are one food item that could make your pooch very sick, and only 55% of pet owners knew that grapes are very harmful if ingested!

So, exactly what human food(s) can your pup eat? Three fruits that are very good and healthly for dogs are apples, bananas (with out the peel), and avocados! Rover has made things every simple for pet parents by providing a list of "Yes, No, or Maybe" food items to help you decide what can or can not be given to your pup! To check out that list, you can click here!

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