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The Steele County Humane Society has a list of items, things that they are always in need of. Since they do not have a shelter, yet, they rely on foster homes for their animals. As an adopter of a four-legged furbaby from the Humane Society, I know that they are well taken care of until they are adopted out. That may get you to thinking, how can I help out the furbabies while they are awaiting their forever homes?

Clumping cat litter, the easiest way to clean up the litter box.

Wet or dry cat food, they need to eat.

Adult or puppy food.

Those kitties love their treats.

Who hasn't been a victim of the puppy dog eyes? This is an easy reward.

And, of course, since the animals are vetted, there is always a need for cash, or check, in order to help pay the vet bills. They are also raising money for a permanent shelter, and would accept donations for that.

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