We Minnesotans cram plenty of activities into the brief summertime we are afforded. Every weekend multiple small towns are holding their annual events. If road construction doesn't get you, a parade probably will.

There is a great variety of festivals to enjoy. Some of these are around southern Minnesota. Others would put you on the road for a day trip. I would suggest you find some you haven't been to before.

I can already claim to have attended Cheese Fest in Pine Island this summer, albeit by accident. And the parade cut off our path to the main reason we went to town, which was to watch an amateur baseball game.

If you are not going to Medford's Straight River Days or catching the Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival in Owatonna this weekend, hop in the car and hustle to Grand Rapids for the Wizard of Oz Festival, in the birthday of Judy Garland, June 14-16.

The American Barnstormers Tour lands at Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport July 15-17 with planes from the 1920's. Vintage bi-plane rides are available.

The X Games make a return appearance in Minnesota July 19-22 at US Bank Stadium. Watching the high-flying stunts is no-doubt better in person than on TV.

Vintage base ball (Yes. Two words) is featured in Stillwater July 21. Teams play with the rules of the 1860's. Heckle the umpire and he might assess a two-bit penalty on you.

Wrap up summer with a short drive to Northfield for the Defeat of Jesse James Days. Running September 6-9, the bank robbery re-enactment is a must-see event.


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