The 30+ reasons why people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin still have a Facebook account

Have you ever opened up Facebook during the day and gotten mad or irritated at what someone has posted?  I can almost guarantee that you are probably shaking your head "yes" right now because we all know someone who has no filter on Facebook.  You may have even had someone bully you on Facebook or hack your account.  Even with all the negative feelings many of us have towards the social media giant, we still log in and check our pages...a lot!  Sometimes multiple times a day and below are the reasons why.

30+ Reasons Why People Still Like Using Facebook

A bunch of people have jumped off the super popular social media platform called Facebook for various reasons but for those that have stayed, why are they still logging in? I asked around and got a bunch of answers from people that live in Minnesota to see why they still have a Facebook account and here's what they said their reason was.

Why do you still use Facebook?

What's your reason?  I'd love to hear why you hang on in this virtual world.  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  (Oh, and while you are there, give it a follow and a few likes!)

One of the most annoying things that people do on Facebook is...

Ok, this might tick you off because you may have done this yourself, but one thing that people do that is just plain annoying is when messages like this are posted for the entire world to see:

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

You know someone who has posted this, don't you?!

What else do you find annoying on Facebook?  This could turn into one of the best vent sessions you've ever had and trust me, I am ready to hear ALL of your comments.  Go ahead and send all the annoying reasons to me over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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If I got you all riled up, keep reading because you'll get a laugh at these 25 myths people in other states believe about Minnesota

I can already tell that talking about Facebook has irritated a few people so now, let's work on making you laugh to get all the happy endorphins flowing through your system again.  Below are 25 myths that people in other states actually have asked Minnesotans about to see if they are true.  Some are absolutely shocking that people believe this about our state.

Myths People in Other States Believe About Minnesota

When you tell someone that lives in another state that you are from Minnesota, have you ever been asked a weird question? Like, "Can you ever get a tan there?". That is one of the many myths that seem to be rolling around in the minds of people from other states. Some of the myths below are actually just shocking.

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