This is the cool new thing to do: pay a celebrity for a personalized video! There is a website called Cameo where you can do just that.

The website has gotten pretty popular lately. It has thousands of celebrities. Everyone from reality stars to television hosts to actors are on there, each with a different price.

I love reality television so I decided to look on the website and see which reality stars are on there! There was about sixty pages worth of reality stars and I went through each and every page.

There was reality stars from big shows and a bunch of contestants on The Bachelor. I narrowed down the huge list to about 25 reality stars that you will probably recognize!

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There are some household names, someone from Tiger King, a bunch of cast members from The Real Housewives franchise and more. Some charge a little and others charge a lot. One reality star even charges around $1,000 bucks per video. Yikes!

Take a look at the list below. This list could come in handy when your best friend's birthday rolls around!

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