Here we go with another harrowing video that makes you try and catch your breath as you see a car careening at a top rate of speed out of control and just about to crash. In this case, the two juveniles in the video had a steep drop to the ground below. Miraculously both kids were able to walk or should I say run from the scene in which you would assume one or both would have at least been seriously injured.

According to KARE11, The incident happened early Friday morning around 7 am when a Minnesota State Trooper noticed a KIA speeding down I-94 near Broadway in Minneapolis. He attempted to pull the driver over who refused to stop and instead tried to take the following exit. Speeds reached up to 94 m.p.h.

Minnesota State Patrol spokesman Lt. Gordon Shank said the driver attempted to exit off the freeway onto 49th Avenue when he lost control of the vehicle and went over the guardrail crashing on the ground below on the shoulder of the freeway.

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There are so many factors at play here that it is almost unbelievable. The fact that the vehicle landed perfectly on the shoulder versus into the freeway below, that it hopped back upright, and again that nobody was seriously injured or killed. You can see that all the airbags in the vehicle were deployed which is most likely what saved the driver and passenger from serious injury.

Though they ran from the scene both suspects were found in a nearby neighborhood and arrested. Injuries to the driver and passenger were deemed non-life-threatening and it was reported that the vehicle they were driving was reported stolen.

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