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Ever wanted to own a bridge? Well now is your chance! The Kern Bridge is for sale and MnDOT is looking for people who are interested. Actually, not just anyone can buy the Kern Bridge. It is for sale to city, county, and state agencies.

The Kern Bridge used to be located southwest of Mankato over the Le Sueur River. It has since been taken apart and put into steel containers awaiting its next owner, according to Bring Me the News.

The Kern Bridge is actually very unique! It's 147-years-old, making it one of the oldest bridges in Minnesota. It is also a rare type of bridge: it is the only single-span bowstring arch bridge in Minnesota. It is also the longest bowstring arch bridge in the country; it is 189 feet long.

If Kern Bridge is 147 years old that means it was built back in 1873. MnDOT is looking for an agency to buy this historic bridge that will put it up in another place in the state. MnDOT's historian Katie Haun Schuring spoke with Bring Me the News and said that it would "make an 'attractive addition to a bike and pedestrian trail.'"

The agency that purchases it is responsible for 20% of the cost to rehabilitate the bridge, federal funds will cover the other 80%. The agency who buys it will also need to "relist the bridge on the National Register of Historic Places after it's been rehabbed."

Check out this video from when the Kern Bridge was taken down in February of this year:

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