I was talking to my Mom and a few other friends about decorating. My Mom is an early decorator, I am not. I have come up with a few different types of decorators for the holiday season. See which category you are a part of.

I know there are some of you who can't wait for the earliest time you can to decorate. Some consider Thanksgiving a holiday worth decorating, some think right after Halloween is done that is when you can start putting them up.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, there are many stages, so, here are the stages I think exist between the two states. The reason I think it's different is that we usually get snow sooner, colder faster, and all the stores put out decorations right away. I found Christmas decorations out to purchase in August.

The "I Can't Wait, I'm Decorating on November 1" Person

Holiday Season In Southern California
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Some people in this stage already have their Halloween decorations down the day after the holiday. Some of these people take the day off just to make sure the Christmas decorations are up and usually have something to cover every inch of the house. These are the Uber Decorators. This person has waited since January 1 to start Christmas decorating.

The "One-Day Delay" Person

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These are people that take November 1 to take down the Halloween decorations then start putting up the Christmas decorations right away on November 2. There is a little more planning some say, others say the previous decorators have had the whole year to plan, others say this stage do too, they just give themselves a day before they decorate.

The "Be Ready for the Christmas City Parade" Person

73rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2004
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There are quite a few people that think this starts the Christmas season. Christmas parade equals Christmas decorations. By the time they leave to watch the parade they have decorated the house inside and out.

Stage 4-Bentleyville

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

One day later but same thinking. Bentleyville starts the season. They watch the parade after work then on Saturday they decorate and go to Bentleyville to enjoy the lights, cookies, hot chocolate, and Santa.

State 5-Thanksgiving

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

The whole family comes over for Thanksgiving and so this stage is for everyone to help decorate. All the Christmas traditions are followed that have been in place for years. Someone puts the star on every year, others have their jobs or if they are new famlies, traditions are started.

Stage 6-Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Shopping Season Kicks Off In New York City
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These people might be foodies. Let's eat, undo our pants and enjoy the holiday and then decorate. They might be the people that get up and take advantage of some of the Black Friday deals, then come home and nap, then decorate.

Stage 7-December 1 Go!


December is Christmas month so therefore, these people like to have a holiday a month. October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, December is Christmas. They might take out their decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but it doesn't go up til December 1 and stays up all month. These people might be party hosts too, since the house is decorated and December is Christmas, then they have their work or neighborhood parties.

State 8-First Full weekend

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These might be December 1 people because the 1st might fall on the weekend, but these people work all week then spend the weekend putting up the trimmings. This way they can take their time and maybe have some help from the kids (and significant other).

Stage 9-December 15

Retailers Hope For Strong Christmas Season
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They got their Christmas bonus and might get some new decorations, but these people are efficient decorators. They are 10 days away from the holiday and have all their Christmas decorations, dishes, and clothes out. These are the people that are in full Christmas mode and are cookie-making fools too. Not that the other stages aren't but these are the Alpha people, December 15th is dedicated to Christmas.

Stage 10-December 23

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Christmas got away from these people, or they waited for the kids to come home, the parents to fly in, or the Grandparents to come from whatever warm location they live in. Decorations go up and will stay up until January sometime.

Stage 11-December 24th


Procrastinators fall into this bunch, so do the people that found out at the last minute they are hosting Christmas the next day. They go get their tree, buy a ham or turkey, and do a major last-minute shopping spree at the grocery store and maybe at Target or Walmart. If it's a couple they each have tasks to get done and by the end of the night are watching "It's A Wonderful Life" and are tired, but the place is ready. Count me in this bunch.

Stage 12-Non decorators

10. The Grinch (2018)

These people sometimes are lazy, sometimes just don't want to spend the money or play into the whole corporate gift-buying frenzy. They might be silently protesting the holiday. These are also the people that are flying for the holiday or traveling to another destination and feel decorating is a waste of time at this point.

Stage 13-People Who Don't Celebrate

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We have to give a shout-out to Quanza, Boxing Day, and Hanukkah, and other holidays that you might not decorate for. This is a good excuse not to decorate, or you have your house decorated for your particular holiday.

So which stage do you fall into?

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