I was digging around in my play house and pulled out this old pamphlet. It was probably used by many hardware stores around the country and then individual businesses had the covered adapted to tout their particular store. As you can see by the cover, Srsen Supply started in 1892. In 1954, Charlie Srsen sold out to his nephew and partner. They changed the name to Arrow Ace Hardware, which we still have today.

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    Grease and Batteries

    I've got a few of these old phone batteries laying around. The ad states they could be used for gas engines. I admit that I have no idea how they would be used with an engine.

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    A Unique Coal Heater

    Join the Early Bird Club and order your heater now and get a free supply of coal. When you mention burning coal, I conjure up images of a big bulky furnace with large pipes in the basement. This looks to be a unique idea when it comes to burning coal. I wonder how large a space it would heat.

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    Bike Tires

    How'd you like to be able to buy a set of pliers for 15 cents today?

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    Paper Plates

    Think about this a moment. It's 1934 and we're still staggering under the weight of the Depression. You could get a restaurant meal for 10 or 15 cents. Take a look at the price for six paper plates that you'd only use once. It's 5 cents! That's incredibly high in my opinion.