Here's another dose of some of the new cars that were introduced in 1961.

Here's links to the previous '61s we've shown.


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    1961 Dodge

    I really can't remember seeing too many of these cars. Perhaps not too many were sold. Note the description of rocket-like tail lights.

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    1961 Oldsmobile

    The '61 Olds states the front floor tunnel had been cut by 25 percent. We also referred to it as "the hump." It just added to the discomfort of sitting in the middle.

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    1961 Mercury

    I just never thought six-cylinder engine when I thought full-size Mercurys. The fastest I ever traveled in a car was when my great-uncle cranked his '57 Merc up to 110 mph. Pretty exciting for a little kid. Probably not too smart either.

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    1961 DeSoto

    Say goodbye. As you can deduce, the DeSoto was no more as of 1961. It went the way of the Edsel.

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