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Minnesota Twins Fire Sale Should Start Now
Usually you wait until at least Memorial Day to start moving expensive players that are breaking down.
Heck, in the Wild Card era, most teams aren't even sure in July whether they are buyers or sellers.
At 8-25, the Twins are fortunate they are not in that position...
Medford’s Swanson Bags a State Speech Title
State championships are hard to come by in any activity, and Medford High School landed a most improbable one last Friday.
Matthew Swanson, competing in speech for just his second season, parlayed a fourth-place finish at the Subsection meet in Janesville and a third-place finish at the Section meet …
Twins Survive 0-9, Code Red Over
I had a lot of optimism for the Minnesota Twins heading into manager Paul Molitor's second season. This despite the fact that general manager Terry Ryan chose to stand pat with the bullpen and starting pitchers, and that the lineup additions amounted to a flier on a Korean player and the hope t…
Jason’s Blog: It’s High School Playoff Time
There's nothing quite like high school winter sports playoffs.
Think about it. In the spring, they get jammed in over the course of about 10 days and most of the kids are more interested in what else is going on in their lives (namely, summer) than the events themselves...
Jason’s Blog: Yes, blame Walsh
The NFL wanted a missed kick to be a huge factor in a big game in 2015.
But even they didn't think it would be a 27-yarder.
It seems like every offseason involves the NFL making a fundamental change to its rules, almost out of boredom, as I guess they can't leave the world's most p…
Jason’s Blog: Major League Baseball Wild Card Time
Major League Baseball added wild card teams to the playoffs in 1994, although because of a players strike it didn't actually take effect until 1995. Since that time, the Twins have been to the playoffs in six seasons, all under manager Ron Gardenhire, and all as division champions...
Jason’s Blog: Royals still Kings
The Minnesota Twins have had a fine season so far.
They've been a lot better than advertised and I see three primary reasons for this:

Coaching changes
Torii Hunter's leadership
Drastically improved starting pitching.

The constants from 2014, when the team lost more than 90 games for the fourth straight …
Jason’s Podcast: Masters Golf, Twins Baseball
On Masters Sunday, just before the leaders tee'd off, I sat down with my good friend, brother and golf enthusiast, Phil Iacovino, at his glorious apartment in Uptown Minneapolis so we could chat about sports before we watched a tradition unlike any other...

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