My kids are grown up, but even though there were the hassles of some things (the kids wanting to go on trips, or to fun parks and the inevitable chorus of "are we there yet") there are good things about it.


  • 1

    Don't have to wake the kids up

    Peace and quiet in the morning is gold. let those kids sleep in a bit if you can.

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  • 2

    Less competition for the bathroom

    This ties in with No. 1. But when you have only one bathroom, this is great.

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  • 3

    Don't have to make surprise extra trips to school

    At least several times during the year, no matter how hard you try, you get that call that your child has forgotten something needed at school or the "I am sorry to say your child is sick and needs to be taken home" call. So not having those trips is like a little extra time in the day.

  • 4

    No running out at night for last-minute supplies

    I never liked the "Dad, I need you to go buy this for me for school tomorrow." And sometimes it may have been a hard to find item.

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  • 5

    No extra cash going out for those extras

    A few months of not having to give lunch money or pay those activity fees. How great is that? Sometimes it seems like you are throwing money away.

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  • 6

    A break from 'I can't find my uniform'

    If your school has uniforms, during the school year it seems like these turn up missing on occasion. Or guys are great for stopping on the way home for a game and ripping parts of their uniform. Keep a spare on hand if you can. Just don't tell the kids where it is.

    David Buffington
  • 7

    No hurrying to get kids to school on time and getting pulled over

    The savings on this alone are great.

    Doug Menuez
  • 8

    Getting to and from work quicker

    Because of the not getting pulled over (see item 7) and not playing parking lot demo derby after school is another stress relief mechanism.

  • 9

    Not having to log into the parent portal to see grades

    A strong sedative or something else was needed sometimes looking at grades. Some parents may still get paper cards. And bad grades made you feel like it was all your fault.

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  • 10

    Not having to wait for the school bus to show up in bad weather

    We don't mind waiting for the bus when the weather is nice. Unless it's a bit late, affecting our schedule. But in rain, snow or cold makes for a lousy start.

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