Here it is, Saturday March 25, and it feels as though we are living in a gray world. Where is the sunshine? The green grass? The smell of grilling meat wafting throughout the neighborhoods? The trees are bare, the grass isn't greening up yet, and we still need the furnace on.

Don't get me wrong, I love living in Minnesota, but, this time of year I get so anxious for nicer weather. I know, we could be in the depths of winter, with wind chills well below zero, and I am grateful that it isn't that cold anymore.

I am looking forward to mowing my lawn, having the grill-outs with friends and family, and being able to open my windows without the fear of freezing. I want spring, with all of its glory, to be here now. Going outside right now, it almost feels as though we won't see the nicer weather anytime soon.

I know I'm not the only one who wants to see green grass and blue skies. I am just impatient, so please Mother Nature, bring us real spring, and bring it soon.


Everyone who wants spring, not this gray, sleepy weather.

Bare Tree
Bare Tree/Melissa Hall/Townsquare Media

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