If your house was haunted would you want to know? Those pops and creaky sounds your house makes are most likely caused by your house contracting and expanding, but what if it's something else? That's where the Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters come in.

Below you'll learn about the group from central Minnesota that wants to help people find answers. Plus, read about the 4 haunted hotels that are all within an hour of Rochester and the 9 ghost towns that are within 100 miles of Rochester at the bottom of this story.  

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 Is Your House Haunted?

Ignorance is bliss for me. If the spirits are cool and aren't bothering me, I don't need to know they are there. Some do want to know. Some are looking to explain weird things that happen around their house. The Ghost Hunters can help.

FYI - If you do find some freaky stuff and want to move -  Minnesota home sellers are not required to inform the buyer if the home is haunted.

Who are the Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters?

The Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters are based out of Spring Lake Park that investigates and researches claims of paranormal activity.

How Much do the Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters Charge?

This is a non-profit group which means there is no charge for them to hunt.

How many Americans believe in ghosts?

Newsweek published a survey from YouGov that found that 45 percent of Americans believe demons and ghosts really exist.

Evidence Collected by the Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters

The Ghost Hunters use equipment like infrared lasers, infrared thermometers, infrared cameras, digital cameras, and digital recording devices to collect evidence of paranormal activity.

Are you ready to schedule a ghost hunt on your property? You can learn more about the Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters here.

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