Where in Steele County might you find the most veterans? Here's some data from American Fact Finder using census data to show us which township has the most and the fewest veteran's in Steele County.

Meriden is number 1 with 76 veterans. They're followed by:

  • Medford Township 68
  • Havana 62
  • Aurora 61
  • Owatonna Township has 56 veterans
  • Deerfield 55
  • Lemond 39
  • Somerset 37
  • Both Blooming Prairie and Berlin Townships report 27 veterans living there
  • Clinton Falls 25
  • and Merton and Summit have the fewest veterans residing there with 21 each.

A reminder that you can learn about a number of World War One Steele County veteran's with the Operation Tombsone cemetery tour. Maps are on sale for $5 at the Steele County Historical Society. They will direct you to cemeteries in the county and the graves of a number of veterans where there will be photos and information about them .This tour is offered 10AM till dusk this Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.


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