The meteorologists at the Weather Channel have updated their long-range summer forecast because of "the rapid onset of El Niño." Find out what that means for Minnesota below.

El Niño can drastically impact our weather, according to NOAA. They say the warmer waters on the west coast cause the jet stream to shift which leads to dryer and warmer summers for some parts of the country and cooler and wetter conditions in other regions.

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Weather Channel Updates Summer Outlook

The Weather Channel says, "The rapid onset of El Niño could result in a cooler and wetter summer compared to last year, especially at the onset of the warmer months."

Dr. Todd Crawford, Vice President of Meteorology, says this summer could be the coolest in over 5 years for several areas in the United States.

Weather Channel's Summer Forecast For Minnesota

The Weather Channel separated their long-range forecast by month and said central Canada and the northern United States (us) will feel the heat in June with above-average temps predicted.

Some parts of the country might experience a cool summer, but Minnesotans will be sweating in June. Get that slip-n-slide ready! 


If you don't have a boat or a pool you should try to make friends with someone that does before July. Above-average temps are predicted for that month too.


There's no relief in August, but by this time you've given up on making sure your lawn looks nice so you'll be able to spend more time inside. The Weather Channel says August temps will be way above-average in Minnesota.

If you haven't yet, you might want to fire up your AC unit to make sure it's ready to go because it's going to be hot!

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