After moving to Owatonna to lead the Steele County Historical Society as its executive director, Kellen Hinrichsen has taken on a new role in the community. In a news release, the United Way of Steele County announces he will be their Donor Development Coordinator.

Hinrichsen "is well suited for this position and is excited to have the opportunity to work with so many great people, as they fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Steele County," the release states.

The position was previously titled Community Impact and Fundraising and was held by Tom Worhach. He has relocated to Chicago but "will continue with United Way of Steele County, remotely, to assist with training for this new position. Tom played a significant role in helping United Way of Steele County to creatively navigate the obstacles brought on by COVID-19, and his contributions to our community will not be forgotten."

"This new position allows United Way the opportunity to better strengthen their relationships with donors as they look to develop solutions for the communities biggest challenges."

Kellen Hinrichsen
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Hinrichsen came to Owatonna in late 2020 as the executive director of the Steele County Historical Society. He holds a master's degree in museum studies for the University of Denver (2013) and a bachelor's degree from Penn State University (2006). Hinrichsen has worked in Illinois as the executive director of the Warren County Historical Society, in Nebraska as a curator of the Durham Museum, and in Texas as a museum manager at the Dallas Holocaust Museum.

"Having worked in museums for 15 years, Kellen has extensive experience in nonprofit management, community engagement, development, and marketing among other skills," according to the news release. "He has a passion for learning the history and unique aspects of the areas in which he lives and working to help improve those communities."

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