Well, this is awkward! In what was supposed to be a serious news briefing for social distancing guidelines turned into a laughing matter due to some unfortunate wording.

In case you were wondering, you are not allowed to touch another persons balls, but you can kick them....tennis balls that is. Nassau County, New York, Executive Laura Curran had to take a moment to compose herself after some 3rd grade humor took over her press conference. The unfortunate, or fortunate depending on the person, wording in Currans press release gave everyone a good chuckle, including the masked police officers standing beside her.

I'm gonna blush, sorry


After the clip went viral on social media the internet had a field day! The comments and responses come flooding in and the laughs continued!

Tim Hogan via Twitter
Tim Hogan via Twitter

It just goes to show no matter how old you are, innuendos are always funny. Also, if you are confused and are not sure which balls are your own while playing with them, you may need to seek help!

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