The Triton Cobras girls basketball team came from behind to defeat Kenyon-Wanamingo tonight 38-30 in Dodge Center.

Both teams struggled on the offensive end of the floor in what was a tale of two halves.

The Knights led 20-16 at the half thanks to junior 5'8 Tessa Erlandson's 10 points and the 5 points scored off turnovers and 6 point advantage at the free throw line.

Triton had 8 three point baskets in the game while K-W hit 2 beyond the 3 point line.

Both teams played some pressure defense with Triton committing 18 turnovers, Kenyon-Wanamingo 18 turnovers.

In the second half the Cobras scored 8 points off turnovers.

Triton sophmore 5'6 Gabriella Molina had four three point baskets finishing with 18 points.

Junior 6'1 Brylee Iverson got in foul trouble about 6 minutes into the second half so Molina had to pick up some scoringfor the Cobras.  Iverson finished with 10 points. Sophmore 5'5 Ella Thomas had a pair of three point baskets to match Iverson.

Kenyon-Wanamingo was 10 of 16 at the free throw line while Triton shot 2 for 5.

The Knights were led by Erlandson with 14 points. Senior 5'10 Stella Rechtzigel had 7 points.  They were our Held Bus Service Knights of the game because K-W needed offense.

The Cashwise Foods and Pharmacy of Owatonna Delivery of the Game went to Molina for Triton with her 18 point effort.

The two teams were competing for the first time as members of the Gopher Conference after moving this season from the Hiawatha Valley League.

With the victory Triton is 2-4 in the Gopher.  2-2 in the East Division.  3-8 overall.

Kenyon-Wanamingo fell to 2-4 in the league.  2-2 in the East and 5-6 overall.

Teams in the East Division include Hayfield. Blooming Prairie, Randolph, K-W, Triton and Bethlehem Academy.

Teams in the West Division are NRHEG, Maple River, Medford, W-E-M, J-W-P and United South Central.

Here are other reported girls basketball scores from Thursday night.

  • Cleveland 56  Alden-Conger/Glenville-Emmons  35
  • St. Clair 79  Nicollet 64
  • Shakopee 58  Waconia 36
  • Plainview-Elgin-Millville 63 Fillmore Central 50
  • Mankato East 54  Albert Lea  51
  • Chatfield 76  Rushford-Peterson 57
  • Fairmont 61  Waseca 42
  • Caledonia 64  Kingsland 28
  • Norwood-Young America 60  Le Sueur-Henderson 21
  • Mankato West 51   Marshall 38
  • Mayer Lutheran 65  Tri-City United 28
  • Belle Plaine 77  Lester Prairie 47
  • St. Charles at Winona Cotter postponed
  • Martin County West at Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial postponed

Boys high school basketball scores reported from Thursday night.

  • Lakeville North 94  Apple Valley 45
  • Jordan 65  Providence Academy 57
  • St. Clair 66  Truman/Martin Luther/GHEC 45
  • LCWM 88  Alden-Conger 39
  • J-W-P 55 Bethlehem Academy 45
  • Byron 54  Zumbrota-Mazeppa 48
  • Goodhue 61  Rochester Lourdes 52
  • Hayfield 58  Randolph 45
  • Southland 78 Kiingsland 56
  • Le Sueur-Henderson 87  Medford 69
  • NRHEG 64  Tr-City United 46
  • Mankato Loyola 84 Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 67
  • Mankato East 106  Albert Lea 40
  • Plainview-Elgin-Millville 77 Fillmore Central 68
  • Mankato West 58  Marshall 50
  • Rushford-Peterson 69  Chatfield 55
  • Wabasha-Kellogg 54  Schaeffer Academy 32
  • Triton 69  Dover-Eyota 52
  • Winona Cotter at St. Charles postponed
  • Fairmont at Waseca postponed

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