We have all heard the news, Netflix is raising their costs, as well as enforcing the rules that you CANNOT share your login information with others. There go the days of Netflix for the whole family courtesy of mom and dad.

Well, here is some good news for you, Hulu is LOWERING their basic package price, from $7.99/month to $5.99/month. Of course with Hulu, you do get limited commercials in their TV shows, but, if you watched them on live TV you would get the commercials as well. However, the downside to this is, if you subscribe to Hulu Live TV, those prices are going up, from $39.99 with ad-supported on-demand library by $5 to $44.99, and its live TV service (on-demand with no ads) by $7 to $50.99. For more information about the pricing, you can check with Hulu's website or go here.

I have Hulu and I just love it. I started with a free month, then had a discount for a month, and have been paying the $7.99/month for awhile. I am looking forward to the prices going down in the next couple of months for current subscribers.


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