We all know that the hands-free law takes effect on Thursday, but there's another law that also takes effect Thursday that we all forgot about! The slowpoke law.

Just so we all have a reminder for how this slowpoke law works, here's how I described it in my first post about the slowpoke law taking effect on August 1st:

The Star Tribune writes that "the law doesn’t quantify how slow a vehicle must be traveling in the left lane in order to be cited. It just states, 'a person must move out of the left-most lane to allow another vehicle to pass' when practical." And, Bring Me the News writes that "the slowpoke law will only result in a ticket if motorists in the left lane traveling are slowed below the speed limit by a motorist who doesn't move over."

The hands-free law has been publicized a ton and I think that law is extremely important, but don't get caught in the left lane holding people up because that can get you a ticket too. A ticket up to $125 in fact!


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