I remember when you could go online and get a list of the "10 Most Wanted" in Steele County, and I have looked and looked for this list again, all to no avail. However, there is a publication on the Steele County Sherriff's Department website, with a list of the most current outstanding warrants.

There is a disclaimer on their page;

"Please note that you should not take any action on a warrant based on the information posted to this web site. All warrants must be confirmed by the issuing agency prior to enforcement. While we intend to make every effort to keep the information on this page accurate and current, there are often delays between court action on a warrant and updates to the Sheriff's Office warrant database. This web database is updated Monday through Friday at 9 am each day, but the results shown are only as accurate as the last update and could be different from the court records and Sheriff's Office warrant system. If you have questions on a warrant, please call the Steele County Detention Center at 507-446-7000 or the Steele County District Court before taking any action on this warrant."

I will admit, I was curious to see if I knew anyone on this list, as well as making sure I am not on it. The answer to both of my questions is a resounding no. Whew! So, if you find yourself on the list, call the Steele County Detention Center, or Steele County District Court to get it taken care of. Nobody wants to be hiding out forever.

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