The Steele County Sheriff's Office has put out a special edition of their monthly publication the Steele County Star and a portion of the special edition had to deal with a Steele County 8-year-old who remained calm while in a difficult situation.

According to the Steele County Star 

"8-year-old Zoey Thorne proved she can remain calm under pressure recently. Zoey was visiting her grandparents when her grandpa had a medical emergency. She quickly called 911 and was able to direct emergency responders to his location. Sheriff Thiele praised Zoey for her quick actions under stress. Zoey's family unexpectedly lost her grandpa but talked about all the amazing memories they have of him." has some tips for teaching children like Zoey what to do in an emergency situation. Here are some of those pointers from in case you wanted to review what to do with your young kids or grandkids:

  • Take a deep breath to calm down a little.
  • Call 911.
  • Tell the operator there's an emergency.
  • Say your name and where you are (the exact address if you know it).
  • Explain what happened and how many people are hurt. (The operator will need all the information you can provide, so give as many details as you can.)
  • Follow all of the operator's instructions carefully.
  • Stay on the line until the operator says it's OK to hang up.

Also in this special edition, there is a new ' Steele County's Most Wanted' duo.

The Steele County Sheriff's Office is looking for help in finding these two individuals who are wanted for 2nd degree controlled substance charges and 5th-degree drug charges.

Image Credit: Steele County Jail
Image Credit: Steele County Jail

On the left is 41-year-old Gloria Ibarra who is wanted by the Steele County Sheriff's Office for charges related to 2nd degree Controlled Substance. Ibarra is described as 5 foot 2 and weighing 152 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

On the right is 25-year-old Esperanza Marie Pena who is wanted for charges related to 5th-degree drugs. Pena is described as being 4 foot 11 and weighing 114 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes.

If you know where either of these individuals is located you are asked to call the Steele County Sheriff's Office.

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