Best weekend is sports? Super Bowl? Final Four? The Iacovino brothers would argue that Masters' weekend might top them all. KRFO sports announcer Jason and his brother Phil have recorded a podcast the last several years during the final round of The Masters. Phil's destination wedding in the Dominican Republic was no reason for the two not to do the same this year.

With the nuptials only hours old and all the in-room TVs not operating, the Iacovino's found a sports bar where nearly every television was tuned to soccer. But a couple did have The Masters on them and Jason and Phil set up their remote studio to the quizzical looks of the locals and started chatting about Tiger Woods' chances of winning his fifth green jacket.

It's no secret that Woods DID win a weather-hurried final day at Augusta. Did the Iacovino's cal it? What did they predict? Check out their conversation which also strays into the NBA and NHL playoffs a little bit with a prediction from a junior sports expert as well.

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