This is not the kind of Bat Signal anyone wants to see.

Guests at a screening of The Batman at the Moviehouse & Eatery in Austin, Texas got a way more interactive movie than they expected when a live bat was released into the theater. I know some people like 4DX but this is taking immersive cinema to a level I am not at all comfortable with.

According to KXAN, a patron brought the bat to the theater as a “prank.” One patron they interviewed claimed “management paused the movie and made multiple attempts to get the bat out, but those attempts were ultimately unsuccessful.” Eventually, animal control had to be called, and the theater offered refunds — although “a majority of the crowd opted to say and watch the film “bat and all.” Now those are some hardcore DC Comics fans.

Here’s a report on the incident, via KXAN:

Moving forward, the theater said it will beef up security and begin checking customers’ bags to ensure there are no more contraband bats (or contrabats) smuggled onto the premises. I can just imagine the questions they will ask. “Do you have any outside food in your bag? No? Do you have any live bats? No? Okay, you can go in.”

This is all well and good but the next time I see King Kong if someone tries to smuggle a giant gorilla into the theater, I’m drawing the line. Same thing goes for The Terminator. You bring a killer robot from the future as a prank, I’m going to be infuriated.


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