I woke up to a beautiful sunrise on Monday, March 30. It should have been cause for parks to be filled with preschool children while their older siblings returned to school from spring break in Owatonna. Athletes should have been champing at the bit to get on the local diamonds to prepare for the spring season. But it was the first business and school day since the governor's stay-at-home order went into effect. Owatonna was very quiet Monday.

Parks were mostly quiet and playground equipment was cordoned off. Parking lots were empty at big factories in town. Non-essential businesses had closed signs on their front door. A school bus was sitting at Morehouse Park distributing meals to students who were on their first day of distance learning.

Driving is down during this stay-at-home order, but roads are not vacant. People are still getting out to do their 'essential' business and chores. Trucks are still moving goods around the area. (No need to over-stock up on the basics.) And with the nice weather, many people found time to enjoy the outdoors, hopefully in a socially distant way.

A brighter day for all will come down the road.

Here's what Owatonna looks like during Stay-at-Home

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