Geez, what is it with naked dudes in Wisconsin lately?

This past weekend, police officers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (which you might remember from the Netflix series Making A Murderer) encountered a 32-year-old naked dude hanging out on a local street. The nude man had reportedly been making threats about harming people within the neighborhood, and was immediately suspected of being on drugs. That…seems like a fair assumption. The naked guy was arrested on the spot, but put up a struggle when being led into the squad car.

That’s where this story goes to a whole new level after one officer shocked the birthday suit-wearing fellow with a stun gun. Suddenly, the combination of lighter fluid and electricity from the stun gun caused the unclothed gentleman’s beard and chest hair to light on fire. For so many reasons, you have to think that nothing was smelling good at this time.

Anyway, as the officers extinguished the fire, Previously Engulfed Nude Dude punched one of the officers in the face. I’m going to go ahead and assume that he is in jail.

It is unknown whether Naked Wisconsin Man is currently wearing clothes.

Source: KIMT

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