A Pine County Sheriff Deputy had quite the surprise when he got into his squad car this week. In a post to the Pine County Sheriff's Office page on Facebook, the surprise squad squirrel story was told:

As he (the officer) was driving down the road, a squirrel pops out from underneath his computer and jumps out on the dash. He gave a quick stare down to the officer, then it runs across the dash and along the drivers’ side window (which was closed) and goes somewhere behind him. The officer pulls over and opens all of his doors to get the squirrel out but it is no where to be found.

The officer then inspected the car and found that the squirrel had been storing nuts in the back of it for safekeeping. Not exactly a great place to leave your bulk goods for the winter. Squad cars tend to move around quite a bit.

The sheriff's office had a good laugh about it, and continued to share on Facebook that the nuts were taken into evidence and they are looking for the squirrel to bring him in for "questioning in relation to this incident."

This whole situation is very reminiscent of the squirrel scene in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation when the squirrel comes into the house via a last-minute Christmas tree. Luckily the loose squirrel didn't cause any harm to the officer or a car wreck.

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