It’s weird to see how many people are upset that they won’t be getting a free cone from Dairy Queen this year. Seriously, people need to chill. If you don’t know, every year DQ hosts ‘Free Cone Day’ where people can go and stand in line or wait in the drive-through forever to get a small ice cream cone for free.

The company says they are not going to do it this year because of COVID and a lot of people are lashing out at them on their Facebook page. I think the only people that really have the right to be bummed out are the people behind the Children’s Miracle Network. The Free Cone event has doubled as a fundraiser and over the last 3-decades has raised more than $145 million for children’s hospitals across the country.

The ice cream chain explained its decision on Facebook: “As spring approaches, we all look forward to Free Cone Day, an event that attracts long lines at our restaurants. Given the state of COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event with your safety and the safety of our crew members in mind.”

Not everyone is upset though, Trinity Yardley, a DQ employee, commented on the company’s post: “As someone who WORKS at DQ, I'm so relieved we aren't doing free cone day... I can't even IMAGINE the virus exposure if this were to happen.”

In other ice-cream news, Cold Stone is launching a 'Lucky Charms' ice cream for a limited time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Learn more here.

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