The Owatonna Facility Manager, Aaron Fitzloff, and his team have been hard at work to bring updates to local government buildings and park and recreation grounds.

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Fitzloff wrote an article that was published on the Parks and Rec Staff Blog yesterday at 1:29 pm.

Key Updates:

  • The City Hall Remodel Project is finished! The building is more inviting now that the entrance has been opened up. The project was completed with new carpet, paint, and LED lighting.
  • The trash enclosure is ready for use at River Springs Water Park.
  • The golf course has a new 'biff enclosure' and a memorial bench.
  • Dartts Park is equipped with new security cameras.
  • Work on the dugouts for the 'We All Play' project at Manthey Park has ended.
  • Pool repairs were done in recorded timing.

Projects to Come:

  •  Work has begun on the plumbing portion of the new concession stand at Manthey Park.
  • The team will be constructing trash enclosures for three locations throughout Owatonna.
  • West Hills Social Commons office space will undergo a remodel to create a home for the Parks and Recreation staff with plans to add card access and security cameras to the building.
  • Rehabilitation to the Fire Hall Tower should be complete by the end of summer. The tower will receive a much-needed structural repair.
  • Morehouse Chalet and the Street Maintenance building will be re-roofed.
  • Merrill Hall will receive a new fire panel and device upgrade.

Exciting updates have happened, and many more are to come as summer progresses. All the hard work goes towards keeping Owatonna in tip-top shape.

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