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An Owatonna man named Al Smith is an artist and in the past few years, he has started sketching amazing portraits of soldiers. The drawings are incredible and he picked up drawing with a pencil again only 2 years ago, according to KARE 11.

When he was younger he loved drawing with a pencil, but then he just stopped doing it. But then in the past 2 years, he has picked it up again. The reason was he picked it back up was because a friend of his who is a Vietnam veteran wanted Al to sketch a portrait of him "in a position of prayer".

Once he had done that sketch he fell back in love with drawing with a pencil and decided to continue. His mission is "to capture the soul of a soldier, bringing it from the past, onto his paper." Al told KARE 11 that while he sketches these soldiers he thinks about them. "'What it was like for them, what it was like being a SEAL, how difficult was it. Where were you? How were you stationed?'"

Al is crazy talented. His sketches are pretty incredible. Not only does he sketch portraits of soldiers but he also does sketches of animals. It doesn't matter what he's drawing, it looks life-like.

You can check out Al's amazing work on his Facebook page.

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