I have no choice. I have to remember waking to 5 inches of snow on that date it was my wedding day. By the time of the wedding it had all melted away. It was perhaps a warning of things to come? Anyone around here not remember what happened 12 days later? The Halloween blizzard.

One can learn a lot after 26 years. These include:

Establishing a pecking order. You can see that by the photo.

Years ago the topic might arise in regards to being a little old for a first marriage. I'd explain it by saying I wanted to have some fun and enjoy myself first. Mistake. Or at least it is if you say those words in front of your wife. I learned.

When buying a gift, stay away from anything involving paper. In other words, no gift certificates. They get misplaced or you get accused of not putting any thought into it. I learned.

Take responsibility. Even if you're nowhere near the alleged incident, take the blame anyway. It'll blow over quicker. I learned.

When choosing a gift for your wife, buy something impractical and totally not needed and make sure you pay more than you can afford. I don't know why but this works best.  If she bought me an expensive garden spade with a 6 inch handle I wouldn't be any too pleased but I guess girls are different from boys. I prefer something I can use.

When asked what you want for supper, give a specific answer. Saying anything will do is not going to go over too well. Usually at my house it goes something like, "Loren is there something you'd really like for supper" I'll say something like tacos and then she'll respond with Oh, I'm kind of hungry for meat loaf myself. So we have meat loaf. Shrug it off and just play the game. I learned.

Leftovers, that's another topic to be addressed. If you see something still in the fridge a few days later, don't eat it guys. Your wife will then say she planned to it. However, if you leave it there to spoil, she'll then ask why you didn't eat it? Best thing to do is shrug your shoulders and say you didn't see it. I learned.

What have you learned since being married?

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