Yesterday I was in my happy place; I was able to mow my lawn for the first time this year. There are some people who think of mowing as a chore, my daughter being one of them, but I really enjoy it. Especially when it is not overly hot and humid like it gets in July.


I have a a decent sized yard, with a small hill in the backyard. I don't have a rider mower, or even a self-propelled mower, it is a basic push mower. The weather lately has been very good for the grass in my yard, it was getting pretty wild looking, so it was definitely time to mow.

Mowing the lawn is almost a zen-like experience for me; I put my headphones on and get to work. I can clear my mind and concentrate on the music I am listening to, or I can decompress from a stressful day. I have had days where I have been in a funk, I go out and mow, and I feel so much better. There is instant gratification, you can see the fruits of your labors right away, and I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

In my neighborhood it is quite interesting, one person will start mowing their lawns, then next thing you know, it seems like everyone is out mowing. The lawns look so nice and groomed, and you can smell that it's spring, closing in to summer.

Anyone else out there enjoy mowing as much as I do?

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