We went to the MN Zoo last weekend, with a majority of my family, my rather large extended family. The weather was perfect in the morning, not too warm, not too cold, it was a great day for walking around outside. We hit up almost everything outside before the rain started, then we walked around the tropics and Discovery Bay.

It was a great day for us to be there, the kangaroo exhibit was just about done, and I am so glad we were able to see them. There was no fence between the kangaroos and the people walking around, this was the closest I have even been to one. If they ever bring them back, I would highly recommend seeing them.

There is also a tiger cub up there, I got to see that no matter the type of cat, a cat will be a cat. It's hard to remember when looking at the cubs that they will grow up to be so large, they are just like kittens, adorable. At least I think so.

We try to get to the MN Zoo once every year or so, and while some things don't change, some things definitely do. I am glad we went this month, we got to see some beautiful foliage. Next time I think we need to go in the Winter, to see the snow. For more information about the zoo, check out their website.

Tamara Gruhot / Townsquare Media
Tamara Gruhot / Townsquare Media

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