Minnesota Senator and medical physician, Scott Jensen, is currently under investigation by the State Medical Board for allegedly spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

If this could happen to me because of my views, it could happen to anybody


According to Bring Me the News and a Facebook video posted by Jensen on Sunday, he states that the investigation is focusing on "reckless advice" that was given when Jenson compared COVID-19 to the Flu and his comments about the CDC guidelines on death certificates in an interview that went viral back in April.

In the since viral tweet and interview, Dr. Jensen made the claim that Minnesota was inflating the COVID-19 death numbers and that the CDC was told Doctors to list COVID-19 as the cause of death when it was suspected but not confirmed to be positive by testing. According to the CDC, what was said was it's "acceptable" to list COVID-19 on the death certificates as "probable" and/or "presumed" in lieu of a confirmed positive test. Minnesota however does not list "probable" or "presumed" COVID-19 deaths in the States overall total. They are listed separately in the overall total.

Dr. Scott Jensen stated that he would be cooperative with the on going investigation.

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